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Conserve Manfuso Srl is specialized in a product line of organic tomatoes that unlikely other cultivations with traditional method, makes it a functional food for our body. The organic tomatoes line is available also for consumption outside house with a product that is characterized, unlike the traditional line, by formats and weights, so that we can satisfy the different needs of the professional category.

The Horeca linehas been realized for pizzerias, restaurants and catering services to which high quality products are offered in connection to the new food tendencies that require products more and more healthy and genuine. The Horeca channel foresees the use of more practical packages, the "bags in box", with a format of 5 kg and 10 kg in order to ease their use during the hardest moments of the working day and at the same time, guarantee their hygiene in complete safety.

The Horeca line includes:

  • Fine tomato pulp: it is obtained from the squeezing of round tomatoes mixed with cube chopped tomatoes;
  • Organic sauce with degrees brix 8%: it is obtained from the squeezing of ripen tomatoes without skins, seeds and partially also of their constitution water. It has an intense colour so that the product is velvety and silky and makes every dish tasty;
  • Organic double concentrated sauce 28/30°: the tomato juice undergoes an evaporation process so that any quantity of water is eliminated and a dry residue up to 28% is obtained without adding any salt. It has a bright red colour and a creamy consistency: it is used as a base for dressings or it is suitable to be reprocessed in the industrial sector.

The Retail channel offers a series of products dedicated to supermarket in order to satisfy the different needs of the consumers by guaranteeing safety and authenticity, selection of the different ranges of items, thanks to the collaboration with the supermarkets’ and hypermarkets’ staff in order to find a well-balanced level of the stock at interesting prices.

The Food Service channel gives raw materials and semi-finished products with high quality essential ingredients in order to promote the development of tinned tomatoes that are unique, genuine and natural. Following an aseptic process, raw materials are packed in metal conical barrels that have a capacity from 220 to 240 kg closed with plastic or iron lids.  Among the different products of the Food Service line there are:

  • Organic sauce: it has a fresh and fine flavour, produced with fresh tomatoes with a very reduced quantity of water and a density of 10/12° degrees brix;
  • Organic semi-concentrated sauce: it is obtained from the  evaporation of the tomato juice with degrees brix 12-14°;
  • Organic double concentrated sauce: concentrated tomato juice with degrees brix 28-30°, ideal for sauces, stews so that it enhances the flavours of our dishes;
  • Organic cube chopped tomatoes: are realized with just harvested tomatoes and the pieces measure ca. 16/16mm with degrees brix 6/8°.

The product is packed on a pallet (ICD  112X112 cm) and contains 4 barrels (height 108 cm, length 112 cm).

Expiry date: 24 months from production

About Conserve Manfuso

Conserve Manfuso srl è una ditta conserviera produttrice di conserve di pomodoro e specializzata in pomodori pelati.
Ha puntato il suo core business sulla trasformazione del pomodoro Biologico vista la crescente richiesta di prodotti sani ed incontaminati da sostanze chimiche di sintesi e nel pieno rispetto dell’ambiente.


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