La storia dell'azienda Manfuso s.r.l.


The history of the company Manfuso Srl

The preserves company Conserve Manfuso Srl was founded in 1983 in Sant’Antonio Abate nearby Naples in a geographical area where tomato is the absolute main character of the Italian cuisine.

Thanks to the long experience starting from its founders, it has become over years one of the most active companies in the preserving industry.

The company philosophy is focused on the enhancement of the agricultural productions and the delivery of high quality tinned products thanks to the wise combination of four fundamental factors: 

  • Accurate selection of raw materials through a strict control system of the tomatoes before they enter the company and the short period of stay of tomatoes on the yard,
  • Use of cutting-edge technologies with the production site under continuing modernisation in order to support the excellence of our productive system,
  • steady control of each phase of the productive process by technical qualified staff, in which the members of the Manfuso family take part,
  • Customer care, flexibility and commitment to final customer’s requests.

All these factors guarantee quality, safety and reliability of Conserve Manfuso Srl that has developed a line of tinned tomatoes for hotels, restaurants, catering (Horeca), pizzerias and mass catering.  


About Conserve Manfuso

Conserve Manfuso srl è una ditta conserviera produttrice di conserve di pomodoro e specializzata in pomodori pelati.
Ha puntato il suo core business sulla trasformazione del pomodoro Biologico vista la crescente richiesta di prodotti sani ed incontaminati da sostanze chimiche di sintesi e nel pieno rispetto dell’ambiente.


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Informazioni e Contatti

Conserve Manfuso Srl 

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Napoli - Italy
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