Italian Organic

Conserve Manfuso  is among the first companies in Italy for the impact of Organic on the total of sales and it intends as a reference partner in the market of organical preserves, helping in the creation of value and satisfaction of final customers' demands with a high standard quality products.

Manfuso Food Company since 1999, preserves organic tomato considering the increasing demand for healthy and pure products from synthetical chemical substances and in the full respect for the environment.

In fact, the Organic agriculture is a method of production which respects the health of man and environment increasing the value of the quality of local communities' resources. 

We are certified by the checking organization Icea whose bio certification is a guarantee of reliability and finding of raw materials and of the final product " from the soil to the table", answering for the quality of products and the tutelage of the consumer.

We are provided with organic certifications for the export such as:

Nop for the United States, Jas for Japan.

Since 2011, we have obtained, from the Italian Organic Agriculture Association (Aiab), the brand guarantee Aiab which is a collective brand which is affixed on products which have the most restrictive requisites of the obligatory community regulation Reg (Ce) 834/07.

A correct alimentation is an integral part of a healthy way of life.
Manfuso Food Company towards the tenders, awarded to its own distributors, proposes a global project, promoting the culture of a healthy alimentation, close to ultimate consumers'demands, respectful to their health.

Manfuso Food Company and School Catering: Manfuso preserves organic tomatoes with the target to stimulate these productions precious for man's health avoiding in this way the consequences of nutritional mistakes in advanced age.
In fact the best investment for our children's health is teaching them to feed themselves in a correct way and"to eat healthy".

Sociomedical Catering: Manfuso Food Company boasts a pluriennal experience in the production and the se
lling of organic tomato to distributors skilled in catering services in public and private hospitals,nursing homes,rest homes,sanitary and welfare structures,which allow it to be nowadays present in the greater Italian 

sociomedical realities.

Company catering: Thanks to a pluriennal experience, Manfuso Food Company always guarantees a perfect product careful to every company's paricular demands,making the lunch break more agreeable.


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Conserve Manfuso Srl

Via Buonconsiglio N. 330

80057 Sant'Antonio Abate - Napoli - Italy

Tel +39 081 8738572      

Fax +39 081 3907070

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P.I. 01314681212


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